Serra da enciña da lastra

Serra da enciña da lastra

Ourense province

The route begins at the rest area of Caprada, from which we can see a beautiful panoramic view of the northern slopes of the impressive Penedos de Oulego, being omnipresent throughout the route. We begin the hike among broom and heather thickets to immediately find the first pine reforestation…
In a rest area near Pardollán, we begin the walk towards the village. Next to the first houses there is a path on the right with a steep slope that leads to the hermitage of Santo Estevo between oak forests. The effort is worth it for the whole: hermitage, mill, water from the cave and limestone environment with forest…
We start the route in the rest area of Valdesalvador, in Biobra, from where we can see a panoramic view of the Galir river valley. We take the road towards the top of the mountain range between oaks, being the vegetation that dominates this section of the route. Once we reach the top, in the area of O Penedón (848 meters), we turn off by a path that leads us to the…

O invernadeiro

The path will take us to the remains of a lime kiln that is apparently preserved in good condition. We stop to read the signs explaining how quicklime was obtained from the limestone of the area.
Arriving at Covas we follow the road up to the N120 to «visit» the large centenary oak that is at the exit of the village and that is the successor of the one that gave its name to this park. This is another good place to rest before starting the return, which we will do along the same path by which we arrived. At the height of the Pereda stream we will continue along the track until we reach a limestone quarry in full exploitation. And little by little we are approaching large meadows that announce the proximity of Vilardesilva.

Natural parks in galicia

The Serra da Lastra is the natural east of Galicia. Here the holm oak is a tree with its own history. It speaks to us of the Mediterranean climate and the limestone soils that it needs to exist. That is why it is scarce in the rest of Galicia.
And we will still be surprised by the interior of the land with the «palas», a word of pre-Roman origin that means caves. Here is the largest network of subway caves in the community and the largest colonies of bats in the nearly two hundred caves and chasms. Some of them are very long, such as the Cova da zorra (600m) and milestones in Galician speleology such as the Xilberte, Pombo, Trasmonte or Tralapala caves.
On the other hand, we can approach the Penedos de Oulego by a very demanding path that takes advantage of the forest tracks and hides natural and scenic paradises that are the best kept secret of the harsh mountains of the east.

Turismo galicia

Destacan los encinares, los castañares centenarios y el matorral mediterráneo con campos de tomillo silvestre y plantas de flor endémicas del suelo calizo y más de 25 especies de orquídeas. Las gargantas y los escarpados pasos de los ríos son el hábitat de rapaces y otras aves que hacen del parque un interesante refugio ornitológico. Tiene la mayor concentración de aves nidificantes de Galicia y también hay grandes colonias de murciélagos que residen en las cuevas.
Es una verdadera delicia para los botánicos, ya que se conocen más de 450 especies de flora vascular en la zona, con muchas plantas locales de la región y al menos 40 especies endémicas de la Península Ibérica. Seis son de Galicia: Armeria rothmaleri, Campanula adsurgens, Dianthus merinoi, Leontodon farinosus, Petrocoptis grandiflora, Rhamnus pumila subespecie legionensis.
Las orquídeas están bien representadas con alrededor de 25 especies de las cuales 6 son endémicas de Galicia. Entre las diferentes especies, están las del género Ophrys, que simulan el cuerpo de una abeja. La Orchis italica Poir desarrolla numerosas poblaciones de gran vistosidad. Algunas de las especies, extraordinarias desde el punto de vista de su rareza a nivel gallego, son la orquídea piramidal Anacamptis pyramidalis, Cephalanthera rubra, Limodorum abortivum y Orchis purpurea .

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